Good internet hosting is much like being a good party host – every guest should receive personal attention, and have their needs anticipated.

Those are the principles that we apply to internet hosting at Thinlayer.

Our Services

Hosting is a service that allows web content to be distributed to the Internet. Thinlayer offers a full range of web hosting services, including emails.

Network integrity

The safety and stability of our security measures ensure that your data and content are kept wholly confidential and protected from malicious behaviour by others.

A high-tech perimeter fence or firewall keeps our network safe on the outer limits. This prevents intruders from getting inside the network and potentially damaging yours or your customer.s valuable information. Inside the network, we install additional firewalls for extra security.

Real-time email protection

You will be safe from email-borne virus infections. Thinlayer uses the most up-to-date viral-scanning technologies from multiple leading vendors to remove viruses before they can infect and destroy your computer. Our virus signatures, which identify viruses, are updated in real-time so they remove viruses as soon as they are found, and before they can damage your system.

Advanced spam protection

We can put you in control of the email you receive. Our advanced spam detection algorithms, which identify spam, can protect your inbox from 99% of unwanted email.

Scalable packages

Thinlayer hosting packages can be tailored to suit the level of your requirements. We service the needs of home users, small businesses and corporations.

We know that re-hosting is expensive and you want to go through the process of finding a reliable provider once. The service that you need will change with the trials and successes of your business. We can adapt our service to your requirements, giving you the tools to growth.