Backpage Images.


Thinlayer designed and built a system for Back Page Images that distributes live images from sports events all over the world to newspapers, magazines and other clients within minutes of being taken. We also designed and built Back Page Images’ public website that allows clients to receive and browse premium-quality sports photography stored in the system.

We are continually developing this sophisticated image management and distribution system built on our MediaRush™ technology. This is designed to allow in-the-field photographers to deliver their photos to the media with the right information about each shot with the minimum of effort.

Clients can choose how and when they receive images – by email or FTP, with scheduling options. There is also a built-in CRM system to keep in touch with clients and keep them informed of upcoming events and content. The Back Page Images catalogue currently has a collection of over 500,000 images.

View the Backpage Images website.

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